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Expectations of Volunteers

Guidelines for Student Volunteers

  • Contact the agency no later than one week following the referral date
  • Confirm with MJF that you are volunteering immediately upon confirming your position
  • Let MJF and the agency know right away if you are unable to volunteer so other students may take advantage of the opportunity
  • Check your email regularly for emails from MJF or let MJF know if email is not a good way to communicate with you
  • Provide your supervisor with advance notice of scheduling changes and your end date for the semester
  • Submit a log sheet of your volunteer hours to MJF at the end of each semester that you volunteer

Although you will not be paid for this volunteer experience, it is still a professional commitment you have made that will provide you with an opportunity for professional development.

The quality for your work and the professionalism you bring to this experience will serve you well, while building the reputation of your school. One aspect of professionalism is keeping track of and reporting the hours you spend on a project.

MJF needs to know how many hours you volunteered in order to prove our value to the law school, legal aid and funding community. PLEASE TURN IN YOUR LOG SHEETS!