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Fall 2021 Newsletter

MJF Returning to Offices Welcome to Fall Semester! MJF staff attorneys look forward to meeting with students, either in-person, by phone, or via Zoom! We are following the law schools’ guidance regarding safety, including vaccination. We

Winter 2019 Newsletter

MJF Welcomes New Executive Director Anna Beadle In November, MJF welcomed Anna Beadle as Executive Director. Anna has worked at MJF since 2014 in various roles. Prior to joining MJF, she worked at Children’s Law Center of Minnesota. Anna

Fall 2020 Newsletter

MJF Voting Project This Fall (2020), the Minnesota Justice Foundation has partnered with law students Yemaya Hanna (UMN), Hannah Stephan (UMN), Brooke Trottier (UST) and Alexandria Yakes (UMN) to design four non-partisan lessons that middle and

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Creative Kuponya In November, the Minnesota Justice Foundation hosted the professionals at Creative Kuponya for a virtual event open to students at all three law schools concerning the impacts of vicarious and secondary trauma within the legal

Winter 2017 Newsletter

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Under Attack From our friends at LRAP comes this information: The PROSPER Act was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives last week in the Committee on Education and the Workforce. This bill would make