Minnesota Justice Foundation Summer 2023 Fellowship Program Contract and List of Responsibilities 

Should I receive and accept an MJF Summer Fellowship, I understand and agree to the following.

I will:

  • Attend a mandatory orientation session (date TBD during May 2023, to be scheduled around fellows’ exam schedules).
  • Complete and return the Final Evaluation no later than August 31, 2023.
  • Write a reflection about my experience before August 31, 2023. I understand this article may be used in the MJF newsletter, in letters or grant evaluations for funders of the Summer Fellowship Program, and/or in an MJF Annual Report or for the 2023 Summer Fellowship Program.
  • Write a thank you letter before August 31, 2023, to the law firm or foundation that has provided support for my summer fellowship (details to be provided to fellow).
  • Try to attend the 2023 MJF Annual Awards Celebration.
  • When invited, speak about my experience as a fellow to interested students and MJF Supporters as availability allows.

I understand and agree that:

  • The fellowship relationship is an employment relationship between the agency for which I am a fellow and me. I will be paid on an hourly rate. I will not receive a lump sum payment and I understand payroll taxes will be deducted from my paycheck.
  • MJF does not supervise me or control the details of my job duties during my fellowship. There is no employment relationship between MJF and me.
  • The details of scheduling are between me and my supervisor. I will work with my supervisor to understand the scheduling details. These will vary based on the preferences and policies of the supervisor and the host agency. Please clarify with your supervisor whether there will  be any partial weeks associated with orientation or for holidays when the office is closed, for purposes of planning your schedule.
  • The pay rate will be a minimum of $15.62/hour gross. Some hosts may elect at their discretion to contribute additional funding to bring the fellow’s pay rate into line with other clerks. I will verify my pay rate with my supervisor.
  • Because I am employed by the host agency, communication about schedules and any concerns about employment should be directed to my supervisor.
  • The agency or I may end the fellowship at any time, with or without cause.
  • If my fellowship should end early, I will notify my supervisor at the agency and MJF immediately.
  • If I do not complete the full number of hours required to earn the full $6,250 (gross), whether voluntarily or involuntarily, the remaining dollars will be returned to MJF.

I agree that, in submitting my application for the MJF 2023 Summer Fellowship Program, I have read the above Contract and List of Responsibilities, and I agree to comply with them should I be offered and accept a fellowship as an MJF 2023 Summer Fellow.