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Three Program Tracks

MJF accomplishes its goal to help meet the legal needs of low-income Minnesotans through three primary tracks: the Law School Public Service Program, the Summer Fellowship Program, and Street Law.

The Law School Public Service Program

The Law School Public Service Program (LSPSP) is a collaborative effort of MJF, the Minnesota law schools, the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA), and legal service providers throughout Minnesota, to promote an ethic of public service in Minnesota law students and to increase the availability of legal services to Minnesota’s low-income populations.

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Summer Fellowship Program

MJF’s Summer Fellowship Program (SFP) makes it possible for law students  to work with legal aid offices and other public interest organizations serving low-income and under-represented Minnesotans each summer.  Participating law students help lawyers serve clients who, because of program overload, otherwise could not be served. The law students learn about the legal needs of eligible clients, are given a chance to develop their legal skills, and gain the experience they will need to be attorneys who are dedicated to performing pro bono legal work after graduation.

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Street Law

In the Street Law program, law student volunteers teach fundamental legal rights, responsibilities and resources to low-income juveniles at various sites throughout Minnesota. During the academic year, many volunteers serve at local alternative learning centers, charter schools, or other educational or after-school programs. School terms last anywhere from four to twelve weeks. Some volunteers spend their spring break teaching in other Minnesota communities such as Duluth or Winona. Law students spend at least ten hours each term with the students they teach.

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