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Attorney Volunteers

Street Law: Attorney Volunteers 

Street Law Program – An Opportunity for Practicing Attorneys to Assist Law Students in Teaching Law in High School Classrooms

Thank you for your interest in the Street Law Program run by the Minnesota Justice Foundation (MJF). This page provides an overview of the program, and how practicing attorneys can assist law students in teaching various topics of the law to high school students. With the assistance of the Minnesota Chapter of Association of Corporate Counsel and the law firm of Gray Plant Mooty we started welcoming practicing attorneys to assist with our Street Law program in 2012.

Size, Scope and Timing of the Program

The Street Law program will be in about 30 class rooms in the greater Twin Cities area and each class room will cover up to 8 areas of law between early February and late April. This adds up to about 240 class-room opportunities. About 60 law students will be involved in this – so that each class room will have two law students on a consistent basis. The attorney volunteers will be supplementing the efforts of the law students, and each attorney can select anywhere from one individual class session on a single area of law to a larger number of class-room sessions covering several areas of law.

We are currently targeting the following areas of law as part of the curriculum: school, family, juvenile/criminal, torts, employment, consumer, and Constitutional Law. Having seasoned attorneys assist the law students will add immediate value to the class room experience.

Training to Teach the Specific Topics

The law students will receive their training on how to teach these areas of law over the Martin Luther King weekend. We understand that practicing attorneys have busy and unpredictable schedules. The volunteer attorneys do not need to attend this training session. Instead, the law students and the volunteer attorneys will talk or meet prior to each class session to make sure that they all know who will be doing what during the class.

Mock Trial Opportunity

Mock trials may be scheduled in some of the class rooms in mid to late April. The mock trials might take place either at the individual high schools, and/or at a mock court room at one of the law schools. This mock trial would entail a heavier commitment for attorney volunteers – possibly including one or two one-hour class-room sessions in the one or two weeks prior to the mock trial to prepare all participants for their roles. Please let us know if you might be interested in assisting with the mock trials.

This is Fun and Fulfilling

This type of pro bono opportunity is fun and fulfilling. If you know of other attorneys who may be interested in this, please spread the word!

To get involved, please contact the Street Law coordinator.