About MJF

About the Minnesota Justice Foundation 


MJF for the Community 

Since the summer of 1983 MJF has funded 583 Summer Fellows and the MJF Student Chapters have funded 169 summer clerks.

In the 2015-2016 school year, MJF placed over 1,100 students as part of our Law School Public Service Program (LSPSP), serving nearly 6,000 clients and providing nearly 27,000 hours of volunteer service – work equivalent to 13 full-time law clerks.

Student Opportunities

Mission and Core Values 

The Minnesota Justice Foundation’s most basic goal and the driving philosophy behind it is to link volunteer law students with opportunities to assist attorneys in meeting the legal needs of the low-income community.

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MJF History 

MJF was incorporated in 1982 by a group of University of Minnesota law students who were concerned about serving their communities. These visionary students believed that lawyers and law students have a special professional obligation to provide quality legal services to those who cannot afford legal representation.

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Reports and Statistics

Take a look at MJF’s financial history and view our Annual Reports.

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