2024 Summer Fellow application process


The MJF summer fellowship program is a full-time summer experience. Each fellow performs approximately 10 weeks of full-time work, to a maximum of 400 hours. The work will be completed between the end of Spring Semester and the first day of Fall Semester on a schedule that will be determined between the fellow and the host organization. 


MJF provides sufficient funding for the host organization to pay their summer fellow a minimum hourly rate of $15.62/hour gross. Hosts then pay the fellow over the course of the summer as taxable income on an hourly basis. The host agency is the employer and will withhold and pay employee payroll taxes and will issue the fellow a W-2 tax form.


For their applications to be considered, law students must be:

  • Currently enrolled at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, University of Minnesota Law School, or University of St. Thomas School of Law, and
  • Scheduled to graduate after December 2024.

Students who received a fellowship the prior summer are eligible to reapply if they meet the above two eligibility criteria.


  • The online application process will open on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.
  • The online application process will close on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.
  • The fellowship applications will be posted on Symplicity at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, University of Minnesota Law School, and University of St. Thomas School of Law.
    • In Symplicity, Minnesota Justice Foundation will be the employer name, and the job title will be “MJF Summer Fellowship – [agency name]. “ There will be a separate Symplicity posting for each fellowship.
    • Address the cover letter to “Dear Supervising Attorney”, and if you choose to include a mailing address in your cover letter, research the host agency’s address and use that (not MJF’s).
    • Questions about the application process should be directed to the MJF staff attorney at your school, not to the agencies.
    • Thank you notes to the agencies are permitted following interviews.
  • Applicants may bring a writing sample or list of references to the interview, but they are not accepted prior to interviews.
  • By virtue of applying, applicants affirm that they have read the Contract and List of Responsibilities and agree to comply should they be offered and accept a fellowship as an MJF Summer Fellow.
  • Each agency makes its own interviewing and hiring decisions. Each is required to interview a minimum of three applicants, including in their applicant pool at least one 1L and one student from each of the three Minnesota law schools.
  • The Interview process will take place on February 15, 16, 19, and 20, using online platforms such as Zoom and Teams. In February, MJF will send notice of interviews and sign-up instructions to applicants selected to interview. The sign-up process will be hosted on an online platform and will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.